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Glittering Prize


Glittering Prize
Glittering Prize


The work entitled glittering prize was a sculpture created in response to a project in a sculpture unit called the dog project. The brief was open to  interpretation in which ever means we wished to express in both context and content the concept of dog provided it was in 3 dimensional form.
I found an article in the Australian about the growing area of designer dogs and its concerns on the exploitation of  the ‘cute’ factor so certain  people could financially benefit  from creating these puppy factories.
I was wanting to respond to the idea that the pet dog had reached its zenith as a consumer commodity. The line between a living creature and  the dog as another accessory in our consumer obsessed culture was blurred.
I decided to use a dog that was recognisable to children and adults when growing up, so I chose Spot the Dog.I wanted to transform him into an object of perceived desire and consumable product. Covering him in holographic gold sequins and still keeping his distinguishable spot features(on his back), whilst placing him in a glass bell jar.
The bell jar places him in the context of a shop  or window( as I have viewed the cute puppies in suburban shopping centre pet shop windows) and the dish placed outside creates a contextual reference to the neglect that some dogs face when they finally outgrow their ‘cute’ status.
The choice of pink diamontes placed throughout the piece ( around the base of the bell jar and the collar) reinforces the constricting view that a dog is sometimes loved purely on the basis of its attractive appeal.The word ‘cute’ in diamontes along its glass enclosure is reinforcing the point of attractive appeal becoming a  marketing commodity.
As this was my first sculpture I was interested in exploring the idea of appropriated art. The concept of taking an existing object and manipulating it to convey a different idea or meaning. Changing the context through content is a concept I enjoy exploring in sculptural form. Artists who I admire who use this process are Penny Byrne and Andy Goldsworthy. Penny Bryne through ceramics and Andy Goldsworthy through the natural environment.




The painting of lisa, a fellow student , was an exercise in a first year painting unit. The exercise involved working from and image of Lisa projected onto a primed panel. Once the image was marked onto the panel the painting was to be worked first in grisaille(the rendering of tone in varying shades of one colour – grey in this case) followed by working over the grey tones to a full colour potrait.
 This was an exercise in observation and colour mixing and tonal gradations, it was very challenging and I have included it as it was the first time I have worked in this painting technique. I tried to capture the expression most of all and as I was creating the work it struck me that a focus on all areas of the work in relation to tone, colour, line and texture were needed to enhance the expression. The expression of a person or their characteristics which make them individual seems to me to be expressed in the subtle details of that person. Trying to obtain the subtlety of Lisa and keeping the painting fresh( not overworked or too obvious in detail) was very difficult and needed utmost focus and concentration.
 In the end I was content with what I accomplished and it is another technical element in working which will help me in the future of my painting practice.






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 The series of images shown in the slide show are a small presentation of my photographic work. I have decided to show images taken during my travels. I use travelling combined with photographic work as a way of exploring my place in a global society. I often try to think about the subject or landscape in view and interpret this in an expressive and emotive way. Like Henri Matisse who lived in turbulent times and expressed a world he created in paint , exploring the beauty, calm and sheer joy in his art work, I also look for the beauty, serenity and joy which is uplifting in my travels. The images are as they are photographed and with no photo shop enhancements. I have always prefered to capture a moment through composition, light and sheer chance as an accurate record of my existence in that period of time. I will continue to explore travelling through a lens as it helps to create a heightened awareness of my surroundings and disciplines me in being in the moment.




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I love your Lisa painting! I will have you on speed dial once I start the painting units…you have been warned.

More pressing however is the need for your mad photography skills. Will have to get you to show me how to take a series of consistent portraits. I have the full auto function of my camera pretty well sussed out but would like to push my skills for this project.

Before you respond keep in mind I consider you my best uni buddy by like heaps!

Comment by Jason

Will be happy to lend a hand.

Comment by bottegafranco

your photography skills are amazing, you seem very artistic and focused on producing meaningful works that reflect your ability 🙂

Comment by Tessa Pike

Thanks Tessa, the positive feedback is appreciated. I do hope to give depth and meaning to my work and further studies and interaction with fellow artists and uni colleagues is enriching my experience, cheers Franco

Comment by bottegafranco

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