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Name. Franco Iannantuoni

Contact information.


I am currently enrolled at Edith Cowan University as a mature age part-time student. I  decided to undertake an undergraduate degree in Contemporary art as a way of broadening my experience, knowledge and skill base. The course appealed in its concentration of creative processes across a multitude of creative disciplines, including painting, sculpture, textiles and printmaking. The encouragement in working in multi-disciplines in conjunction with creative and social theory,  has enabled me to expand not only my knowledge but to begin to create works in different media focusing more intently on how,why and what issues I am trying to visually communicate.

As I am only in my first year, the journey is in infant stages and the ongoing process of study, reflection and creation is full of possibilities in my current studies and future artistic output. The journey to this point needs some clarification.

The need to create began at a very young age as I was involved in dance from the age of five to about sixteen, a very personal expression of the body and space and the interconnectedness of the two. Supplementing this during and  after my dance experience I always approached art in both primary and secondary school with much enthusiasm and expression, being recognised by art teachers to have a natural aptitude towards drawing and painting.

I undertook private tuition with a wonderful woman,Lois Paris, who was instrumental in developing my painting skills and art history through teaching the methods of the “Old Masters”. In hindsight it was a privileged education.

Life however was to take me on a discovery and appreciation of travel which although it enriched my own personal growth and experience it was to halt my art practice for several years. Travelling Europe, living in London and Milano over the period of next decade or so was to heighten my reflection of my personal career and what I wanted to obtain as goal of fulfillment in my working life. I was working in retail management whilst travelling and this became my unintended career. Not finding this means of work creatively satisfying I needed to reflect on my choice of changes required to fulfilled in my vocation. So during the period of intermittent  travel I returned to Perth to begin my creative development once again with the study of photography at T.A.F.E achieving an Applied Science Diploma in Photography.

I took up painting again  on my return from Milano about a decade ago and realised that the need to create in terms of painting and drawing was a means of finding myself and my true vocation of becoming an artist. The idea of combining my photography and other creative pursuits was what led me to find a way of nurturing my artistic development with further studies. As a result I enrolled at ECU.

Mission Statement.

 My creative philosophy is to use the means of creativity and my own personal expression as a tool of communication. Artistic expression and visually communicating my self expressed ideas in an ambiguous style which leaves the work open to inevitable subjective interpretation. I believe that different forms of media/mediums used can help enhance and enrich understanding by the viewer and communicate our contemporary existence more readily. The contemporary global environment is in a constant changing flux and creating works with a multidisciplinary approach grounded in creative ideas and constant reflective processes will enable me to project my personal view. I  intend to gain knowledge and understanding of the world through travel and the continued creative praxis I feel is important to me as a visual communicator and single voice in the never-ending noise of the contemporary world in which I take part in .


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