Photo session 6 – Rituals
May 15, 2011, 12:25 am
Filed under: Creative Project

The creative ideas of session five seemed to flow into this session. I was thinking of the past photo session and the ideas behind it, the creative ideas of the session and the ideas raised caused me to zero in on more specific reasons for discussions I have with colleagues and friends.

Travel is big. So is the diversity of humanity and differences in ideologies , religion and associated ceremonies. I question why we perform ceremonial rituals throughout history? Do we find rituals reiterate our society and community beliefs? Which in turn creates strong bonds between family and community?

The variety, variance and subtleties of ritual in global communities are a constant interest. This conscious stream of thought was the catalyst for the photo session.

My personal rituals in how and were I serve friends and what is served is a way of creating a bond through ritual. So even in personal domains this gives rise to collecting and receiving objects which entrench the rituals created. So beginning the shoot the objects selected were dealing with these ideas creatively.

The form and texture of objects and their colour was intriguing. How solid some objects looked relative to others and the interplay created was  something that formed in my conscience as I began photographing.

My preference was also influenced as much by what wasn’t there as what was. In this case the over influence of dark objects required a visual colour lift.  The flower was a way of connecting with the session before(there were flowers in a glass) and a contrast of light and colour.The contrast of materials from metal and stoneware to paper and petals was a good way to show the interplay of creative ideas, from set ideas and nurtured moral and religious themes to furtive and ephemeral thoughts used in questioning such ideology.

It was interesting to see that through the process of creative thinking in the photo sessions previous to this my creative ideas became  even more concentrated in questioning. Object placement, lighting and showing elements in creative ways was occurring by thinking more about the object and what it represents in a broader context than from a personal one. Even though these objects were obviously from my personal surroundings I began to separate them more from were they came from and why they are used in my life. Close examination of their possible meaning in a context of other cultures and possible ritualistic interpretations began to enter my thought process.

So in reaching the end of my creative project I felt as though I was just beginning. A series of images I realise is not about the resulting  images made but the ritual in creating them and how I begin to view my personal domain in relation to broader ideas of society and culture. Informing and enriching my creative process along the way.

So below are a final series of images which was a great way to discover more about myself and my creative process. Enjoy.

image 10

A creative ritual. But is it the best example?


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