Photo session 5 – A meal and a chat
May 12, 2011, 9:43 am
Filed under: Creative Project

Approaching the next session, I was looking at a glass with flowers and thinking about what they represent in my personal domain. The reason I enjoy their colour, and texture and their ability to create an atmosphere when exchanging ideas in an environment most of us do regularly, but never really think about. The exchanging of ideas, dreams and subjective ideologies over a meal.

I often consider how when invited to a meal or entertain over a lunch or dinner, what is it we do exactly? Are we expressing an idea of our lives as we see it through verbal exchange? If so, are we looking for validation of our existence with like-minded people? Why do we surround ourselves with colleagues, friends who share our ideology? There is always room for discourse and disagreements but we generally like the comfort of others like us.

I have been known to seek out the ideas of people who don’t see the world as I do. I think it’s because I truly want an opinion I find challenging and distinctly different to my own. It keeps me engaged with the world and the diversity I celebrate. Even if others view my choice of company at times  as weird or eccentric. Layering this with a partner who shares fundamental moral values we consider harmonious with each other, but again who has certainly differing views from my own, creates a rich exchange of ideas and discussion.

Whats that all about? Reflecting on this I think my creativity is propelled along into places of discomfort and challenging subjectivity because to grow artistically I need to expand my view outside of my own cognitive rumination. It’s about where do I sit in relation to the contemporary world around me? Not what I think – period! living in a cultural vacuum shared with people thinking carbon copy ideas as me just wouldn’t enrich me or my work. How can I inform others as a visual communicator if I am not informed?

I know that we have information at our fingertips via the mass media, but discussion and a chance to think things through with debate over a meal is personally very rewarding.

I know it still remains subjective, but at least I consciously engage with contemporary society however limiting in its size. Not easy to serve lunch for eight, let alone a larger united nations contingent.

So as usual the photo session started with certain thoughts and then placing certain objects together to create a visual idea of my mind and it’s machinations. But there is always other hints and ideas expressed through deciding what to include. Moving the objects around and trying different angle of lighting and focal placement was both conscious and intuitive.

I have constantly spoken in previous sessions about the process of photographing the work, which is a familiar struggle , so enough of that. From a creative and practical process I found it hard to express an idea that’s so ephemeral, how do you express ideas with solid objects, colour and light? I guess that’s the idea of process you just give it time, practice and a changing work surface till something happens.

So see what you make of it and hopefully there is more in it than meets the eye, that was the intention.

image 17

An image of an idea

Do you think it succeeds? Comment on your preference of image.

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