Photo session 4 – an exotic tray
May 6, 2011, 2:39 am
Filed under: Creative Project

Photo session 4 started with  the tray. It caught my eye as it often does when I was striding past and thought lets examine this a little closer. The colours and patterns inside and the beaten silver design on the outside shows much care was taken by the crafts person when making this. I was free wheeling my thoughts and trying to brainstorm about what other objects I could associate with this and was there links with other objects. It was interesting to see what came out of the initial tray idea and the objects that complemented it. Obviously the items all have a strong eastern oriental flavour, something I have always found fascinating. Why do the cultures far from us intrigue me? Their boldness of design, colour and textural elements to the objects and their architecture is so strong.

What does the patterns represent? Are they more than just design? Why the shape of the objects as they are? Is it functional, pure aesthetic, both? As these thoughts whirled through my mind I thought good now start photographing!

Well viewing and trying to get the objects to work was tricky. The colours alone was showing me that certain placement needed to be encouraged and others not so. The light was harder to control because the materials of the objects either absorbed too much light or refracted it. So the process was simply a case of time equaled trial and error.

Creatively I enjoyed the suggestive influence of the placement and colour of items. As it progressed I was constantly rethinking and refining what it was I was trying to say. My subconsience led the way I didn’t want to force the thinking of creating the image, just wanted it to flow and happen.

I did notice as it progressed that the colours where harmonious and somehow they worked. Even the book seemed to feed in nicely. Was that a coincidence? Do  the colours favoured by other cultures occur in all areas of their life? Does the architecture, textiles and domestic goods follow repeated colour patterns or do they take on a western principle of colour of the season influence.

It’s funny, the session seemed to give me an even greater fascination for other cultures outside my own. It seems to heighten once again to me how wonderfully diverse and interesting contemporary life is and that a tray placed in my domestic environment can create such urges to view contemporary life from other environments so foreign to my own.

So as it ended I reviewed the images to choose one I think reflects what it was I was trying to show through the objects selected. I probably gave away too much- but everyone needs a break from subjective guess-work. Especially since the photo’s may not suggest things clearly.

So once again the photographs appear in the order they were shot and the single image I selected is above them. Hope you agree.Actually better if you didn’t agree, life would be pretty straight forward if you did. Besides diversity is the arabesques on the straight side of life.

image 15

 Don’t you think it looks exotic?

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