Photo session 3 – Mars in signet
May 1, 2011, 1:43 am
Filed under: Creative Project

The search for items to photograph continued. I found it better to start with an item and thinking about the object, its’ significance to me and possible broader contextual meaning to other objects. So I remember thinking of an antique signet ring given to me and after locating it, decided that should be my starting point in my creative process. I know I don’t want to give too much away ( so as not to inflict my subjective view )but the item being small and the image on the ring needs clarification, due to its size making it hard to know what it is.

The ring is from the early 19th century and is made of Carnelian. This was a stone popular at the time for its hardness and ease of carving. The image is the head of  the god Mars, a popular motif in signet rings. Mars was the planetary symbol for representing the male and associated traits of energy, vigor and initiative. I think that’s enough to go on.

During the entire session I found the objects difficult to work with due to the shapes and extreme difference in size of the objects. Keeping them all in view whilst trying to make the image interesting and placement of objects truly tested my patience. The idea of scraping and starting again did enter my mind. But I ‘ soldiered on’.

When reviewing the images I feel that I needed to remind myself that this was a process and so sometimes you have to accept that not everything works out as first planned. In fact very little does ever go to plan, which is when the flexibility of the creative process kicks in. The creative process is more important than the final outcome if I want to move forward in my creativity. Understanding this and realising that this is a process that can continue to evolve for future consideration in creative works was key in keeping me focused and forging ahead.

So after the light which still scalds my fingers is switched of and objects put back where I got them from, it is time to show the results and the selection process for the image I feel best represents my creative aim is decided. Do you agree with the choice?, is the shoot a failure? should I have bothered with this session? You tell me.

image 9

 Difficult choice but thought it portrayed meaning I was aiming for. What do you think?


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