Photo session 2 – perfection in imperfection
April 27, 2011, 8:10 am
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Searching for items on my next photo session I thought I would begin with a book. From here I seemed to focus from the style,font and type of book and collected objects accordingly. I realized by doing this a cohesion in the materiality of the objects occurred. They interrelate but still contain diverse texture and tonal range of colour and the occasional object contrasts nicely.

So it began again with looking, moving object, light, camera angle, focus and compositional cropping. I Should mention here that I have decided that no photo shop or computer enhancement is going to occur during this series. Critics may feel when viewing that this could have helped the images, however the idea of creative process is the goal not airbrushed photographic perfection( whatever someone thinks that to be), besides there is perfection in imperfection.

Whilst looking, shooting the images and reviewing I set myself the task of also trying to include all objects in the image taken. If I included them then the reasoning and compositional decisions made must in turn inform the image and the viewer.

The materiality I thought could really influence the light if I used the cloth as a tool in effecting the overall tone and mood. So I started to shoot with the cloth covering the light, being carefull not to set the room alight. It seems to shift the feel of the images taken, not sure if I like it however as the light contrast is diminished by the wash of colour across the image. Oh well, it is about experimenting .

It is very difficult to describe the shoot without giving too much away about the objects chosen and their influence in my reason for selection. So I find myself  realising this fact and so keep trying to create an image that is succinct even if subjective.

In the end the photo session seemed to be difficult. Sometimes the limits I set myself to help the image series interelate can sometimes hinder the creative process. Particularly when my mind starts to flow with possibilities of what I could continue to do in removing something or more lighting or different mixture of items. But I then consciously remind myself that could begin a vastly different process of ideas and not help my creative process and outcome here.

So ladies and gentlemen here is the next series of images. Don’t forget you can have your say and give preference to another image other than the selected one. Now back to fighting with dashboard and media uploads.

image 16

 my preferred image. Is it yours?


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This is an exemplary blog, Franco. Your posts are relevant, integrate appropriate media and demonstrate a high level of reflection, both at a personal level and in engaging with the ideas discussed in class. This is certainly heading towards an HD.

Comment by Mark McMahon

Thankyou Mark for the feedback. Will try to continue the standard as required.

Comment by bottegafranco

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